”BBS-scenen är för stor”

1995 dök en fil upp på The ERICADE Network BBS. Det var en pamflett skriven av en okänd Sysop som inte skräder orden. Det finns för många BBS:er! Han menade att det var dåligt att vem som helst kunde skaffa en BBS och bli Sysop. Lite roande läsning såhär 24 år senare. Varsegod:

”Ok guys now wake up to face the reality once more.

Since you might have read all the text files about the scene
and all the worthless judgements that has been made you might
get a little bored on these text files telling you to do this
and not do that and so on. But spend a few minutes
thinking about this.

The Modem scene is FAR TOO BIG.

Face it, how many boards have you ever heard of? Too many! And
it’s still just a ”fart in space” of all the boards that have
ever and does still exist. Did you know that 60% of all the
boards closes down within a month due to user inactivity?
EVERYBODY with a modem has come up with the dream of starting
an own board, letting people call to yourself, gettin’ free warez
instead of big phone bills. Cute, but few’s succeeding.
To be sure you get calls when you open a board you will need
at least 2 nodes or more. If you are so stupid you start a board
on your daddy’s phone line, opening it when your parents have
gone to sleep, you will hardly get any calls at all. I know a
board in the neighbourhood (mis-spelled?:) that is just like mine,
difference is that he gets 2 calls per week and i get 20 per day.

Why don’t you enthusiasts whith kiddy boards just give it up?

”Oh, in two weeks i’ll get my phone line and my dream will come
true”. I’ve heard that from users time after time.

Five years ago, in the lucky year of 1990 a SysOp was a god you
hardly DARED to grawl at. It was not for everyone to open a board,
a BBS system could take ages to set up. But today you just UNPACK

Just realize. If you have ever thought of starting a BBS, you better
think twice.

                      (written th 21/11 '95 by a sysop in sweden)

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